Splashing Life with Color with Homemade Stained Glass!

I believe that the windows of our homes are symbolic of the way we view the world. A lot of people keep them covered up, or closed, but I like to keep my windows open or well decorated! TiStock_000020057268_Largehis is why when I think of really rocking DIY projects it’s not just a matter of doing something cutsie creative, it’s about what I offer to the world. My world is made up of my family, so most of the projects on this site are going to be things that reflect that view, “beautify the world around you” that’s my opinion. And what better way to start off a Kicc Glass blog than with this project: homemade stained glass! Did you know it’s possible? It is! It doesn’t have to be a complex pattern, but it is incredible just how much light and color you can soak your home with just by adding color and light! This project doesn’t require a large toolbox, electrical equipment, or multipurpose ladders, just clear off the table, get out your sharpest scissors and prepare yourself.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • brown butcher paper
  • pane of glass
  • glass paint
  • lead adhesive strips
  • a ruler or even a t-square
  • sharp scissors

Step 1: The panel of glass

Alright, if you have old windows in your home that are single pane windows that can be removed, and you’re brave enough to attempt a permanent project, then you can work directly on the glass. My suggestion however is to measure the window you’re going to cover and purchase a pane of OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAglass that will fit nicely within the window frame. You might find piece of glass you can take out of a picture frame, or just visit a glass shop. You also don’t HAVE to make this for the windows of your home, you could use it as decoration, or even make a lovely stained glass address.

Step 2: Tracing and Squaring

Take your pane of glass and trace it onto a piece of brown butcher paper. Now remove the glass and carefully trace the geometric designs you want to be on your window onto the brown butcher paper. Next, lay the panel of glass back down over the pattern you have made and begin to carefully affix the lead strips exactly over the pattern you drew out. You want these lead strips to look like they are all connected, so cut off extra and then trim until they fit together perfectly.

Step 3: Coloring!

Now it’s time to use the time-honed skills of painting within the lines. Choose your glass paints carefully and make sure that you test it out before painting directly onto your window. The most important thing you can do is make sure that you know just how thick you want the paints to be so the sunlight lights it up the way you like.

After your stained-glass dries put it in place! And feel the colors of sun on your face! Way to kick glass!

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